We have had some awesome experiences serving the Lord! Below are some of the letters we have received from both those we have worked with and from those whom God has touched through our ministry.

Out of 26 years as a children’s pastor Earl and Kimberly are one of the top two speakers I’ve heard speak to kids! The way they interacted with the kids and the staff was wonderful. He gave a message to the kids about the power of the Holy Spirit and what it means. When I prayed with the kid’s, I saw them doing something that I have not seen kid’s do a lot – that is – they said they want more in their lives like Pastor Earl emphasized. You want Earl and Kimberly to be a part of what you are doing!

Steve Wood – Children’s Pastor – First Church of the Nazarene – Huntsville, AL

In the 9 years of directing Upward Ministries, Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry were one of the best entertainers that we have had so far. Their presentation of the plan of salvation was as clear and concise of anything that we have had. The show was excellent in every way and everyone was entertained.

Jonathan Howell – Upward Director at Central Baptist Church – Portsmouth, VA

We needed to communicate to our community and our church that families and kids mean a lot to First Wesleyan. So, we invited Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry to come minister for the weekend. It has been fantastic. We had more children in our church than I have ever seen. The Sunday morning service had more people than any since I have been here. Best of all, a lot of people gave their heart to Christ. Earl and Kimberly love kids and lift Jesus up. Give them a call for your event.

Rev. Mark James – Pastor – First Wesleyan Church Easton, MD

Earl and Kimberly did an amazing job at our Upward Basketball Awards Ceremony. Out of the 7 years we have done Upward, they are one of our top performers. Their message was very relevant to our crowd of over 800 people attending. Out of the 24 that came to know Christ that night, one of them was a 16 year old boy that I coached this year.

Michael Bates – Trinity Baptist Church – Jonesborough, TN

We booked Earl and Kimberly on a recent Premier Christian Cruise. What a delight they were! The kids loved them and the parents were entertained as well. I recommend every church or organization to take a serious look at Vertical Kids Ministry. With their unique ministry, they are going to be in huge demand for the future.

Roy Morgan – Vice President of Premier Group

It is my privilege to recommend Vertical Kids Ministry who has had a fabulous impact in our district. They have ministered in our local churches, our large gatherings, rallies and seminars we have had across the district. They have had a tremendous impact on our children and adults. You can’t go wrong having them in your district, your church or any gatherings you are planning.

Dr. Harry Wood – District Superintendant for the Penn-Jersey Wesleyan Church District.

I have had the joy of working with Earl and Kimberly and I highly recommend them to your church or any outreach event. You and all in attendance will be blessed!

Dr. Steve Wingfield – Founder/Evangelist of Steve Wingfield Evangelistic Association

Earl and Kimberly Long was a tremendous blessing to our camp. We saw kids respond by masses to the scriptural presentation of the word of God. Their magic, songs and energy connected well with the kids. I highly recommend them to your event.

Rev. Rob McDonald Dallas District Superintendant of the Nazarene Church for Vertical Kids Ministry

We are always looking for ways of reaching out to our community and becoming proactive in reaching them for Christ. We invited Earl Long to perform his BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed Assembly Program at our local elementary school. It was very successful and it was an awesome day for us. We passed out fliers invited the kids and their families to come out the next day to see Earl perform at our church. Saturday morning we had the church full and 85% of them were from the school. Earl shared the gospel in his show and 7 kids received Christ. I encourage you to call them for your event.

Rev. Richard Loman – Pastor Mt. Airy Wesleyan Church – North Carolina

Earl and Kimberly thank you so much for all you did this week at camp. Your ministry is 2nd to none.

Scott Coghill- Seyfert Holiness Camp – Birdsboro, PA

Earl and Kimberly of Vertical Kids Ministry are a “must have” for your children’s (or whole church) ministry. High energy, lots of laughs, clear communication of the Gospel! You won’t go wrong with VKM!

Charlie Collins – Pastor – Denton Wesleyan Church

Vertical Kids Ministry with Earl and Kimberly Long came in and did our Vacation Bible School and they were awesome! They did a great show for us and we had over 70 kids make some type of decision. If you have the opportunity to bring Vertical Kids Ministry in, don’t pass it up. It is a great experience!

Pastor Marc Price – Children’s Pastor at Lynchburg First Church of the Nazarene

Earl and Kimberly did a fantastic job. It was the best children and pre-teen camp we have ever had. The kids really responded to the entertainment and the message.

Rev. David Pettigrew Children’s Dir. of the Dallas Nazarene Church

Our church wanted to reach out to our community and our elementary school. Therefore we invited Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry to come and perform their BAND Together – No Bullies Allowed at the school. We were able to invite the kids to come watch Earl and Kimberly again on Sunday night to see the Vertical Kids Ministry gospel show. I highly recommmend them.

Pastor Stephen Smith – Pleasant View Wesleyan Church in Muncy, PA

Our church hosted Earl Long to come in to our community and present two school anti-bully assemblies called BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed. Both programs were well put together and he kept the attention of the kids. After that we were able to announce that we were having a kid’s rally that night at our church and everyone was invited to attend free. We had a terrific turnout from the parents and kids of the schools. A lot of these folks were new to our church and we think were unchurched. Out of the group there were 11 kids who received Christ as their savior. This program helped to open doors and build relationships with our church and the two neighboring schools. I highly recommend that you use Mr. Long to reach out into your community and your schools.

Steve Saunders – Pastor – Albemarle Wesleyan Church – Albemarle, NC

Really great show, Earl was funny, I loved the magic tricks, He had kids up to volunteer. He had kids screaming, shouting and having a great time. But most importantly, he had an altar call and had many kids come forward to receive Christ. I highly recommend him for any Upward Event.

Rick Harrison – Upward Director at Cave Springs Baptist Church – Roanoke, VA

We had Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry tonight for our Upward awards Night. They had me jumping in my seat going ooh ooh pick me! Pick me! The true ministry happened when the gospel was given and the kids went down on their own. It wasn’t because they were prodded, pushed or pulled. They went on their own because of how the gospel was presented by Earl. If you want your kids saying ooh ooh pick me, then you need to pick Earl and Kimberly.

Mark Otey – Upward Director – First Church of The Nazarene Huntsville, Al

We had Pastor Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry perform at our Breakfast with the bunny. What an amazing job they did. They held the kids attention and they presented the gospel. We were thrilled to have them and look forward to having them back and you should too!

Kim Bobb-Pastor to Children and their Families
New Albany First Church of The Nazarene – New Albany, OH

We did our annual Noon New Years Eve Countdown event at the Kingsport Town Center in Kingsport, TN. We had Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry come and present their magical ministry with hundreds of kids and parents. Earl and Kimberly were phenomenal. The reaction Earl and Kimberly got from the kids was the best reaction we have ever had from anyone. How they kept the kids attention was incredible and the magic and message was incredible also. If you have an event then invite Earl and Kimberly Long. They will do a great job for you!

Brian Sumner – Program Director for 88.3 WCQR Tri-Cities, TN

We just had Earl and Kimberly Long for our children’s camp. They are a group that gets involved with your ministry. They don’t just sit in their room after they speak. They did a great job with the kids and everyone loved them. You should definitely book them.

Christine Mills, assistant director of the Penn-Jersey Wesleyan Kids Camp

We had a great outreach event with Earl Long from Vertical Kids Ministry. We had dozens of kids from the community that came and several of them gave their hearts to Christ. It was truly a blessing to see the kids and their families get involved and participate together. It was another blessing seeing the kids respond to the word of God as it was presented in a fun and very enlightening way for the kids to understand. I encourage you to get in touch with Vertical Kids Ministry because they will be a blessing to your church as they were to ours.

Pastor Mike McClung – Chi Chester Wesleyan – Chi Chester, PA

We have had Vertical Kids Ministry with Earl Long to our church 3 times. Every time it has been a fantastic experience. They do an amazing job connecting with students where they are. The way they pull them in and entertain them in a fantastic way and then transitions that through a message that connects them and gets down to their level. We encourage you to have Vertical Kids Ministry in to your church and you can have the same results as we have had with multiple kids coming to receive Jesus Christ for the first time.

Justin Leininger – Family and Youth pastor at Bethany Wesleyan Church – Cherryville, PA

We had Pastor Earl and Kimberly Long as part of our morning service today. It was a wonderful time with magic and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. We used their ministry as an outreach tool as part of one of our ministries. They helped to bring in a large crowd and we had over 20 visitors to our small church. We also had 4 children receive Christ. We highly recommend them to come to your church to share their ministry with you as well.

Scott Buchanan-Centerpoint Wesleyan Church – Laurens, SC

We had the privilege of having Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry here for our Christmas program. We are a kid friendly church and it was great having them share the true meaning of Christmas. The kids were engaged and they loved the illusions and puppets. It was a great day of ministry. We were very thrilled to have had them.

Pastor Mike Saunders – Crossway Community Church – Willow Grove, PA

We enjoyed Vertical Kids Ministry’s Christmas Show. It was awesome, I loved the way they incorporated the story of Christ and a little of Santa Clause but then closed it out by sharing the real meaning of Christmas. I highly recommend them!

Marc Price – Children’s Pastor – The First Church of the Nazarene – Lynchburg, VA

Earl and Kimberly Long came and dazzled our students. It’s not everyday that someone can come in and do magic, music and a message that captivates and holds the attention of teenagers for an hour to an hour and a half.
Earl read our student’s minds, had flames coming out of a Bible, made things disappear and card tricks that blew our minds. It was fantastic! They kept us in stitches with their comedy. He then challenged our students with a message that was relevant, interesting and totally memorable. The spirit of Christ rests among them. Vertical Kids Ministry is a wonderful ministry.

Josh Baker – Pastor of Youth and Outreach – McAdenville Wesleyan Church

We just finished a powerful week of Vacation Bible School with Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry. We saw many come to Jesus this week. You will be blessed when you bring them in.

Pastor Mitch Wilson – Mt. Pleasant UMC – Mt. Pleasant, NC

We had to do very little We were very pleased with Vertical Kids Ministry with Earl and Kimberly Long. We were not only pleased with quality but also the total program. We were amazed how the kids were drawn in and how Earl and Kimberly were able to hold their attention for the 1 1/2 hours or more each night.

Most importantly the kids learned scripture and they received the gospel each night. Every night we had a great response of kids receiving Christ for the first time. We had to do very little as a church to prepare for them and it took a burden off of us this year to have them come. We highly recommend Vertical Kids Ministry.

Don Avore – Associate Pastor at Trinity Wesleyan Church in Greenville, OH

As a family, we discussed where we wanted to go on vacation this year. We would go to either Disney World or Black Mt., NC FCA Camp. Both of my boys said they wanted to go to Black Mt. to see Pastor Earl Long and Vertical Kids Ministry.

My children rank Pastor Earl Long up there with Mickey Mouse! Their ministry is a blessing to our family.

Rod Bowers – Parent and High School Coach

Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry did a great job for the second year in a row for our Awana Event. It is money well spent!

Wayne Claybrook- Awana Commander – Calvary Baptist Church

Rev. Earl and Kimberly Long’s Upward presentation was entertaining as well as inspiring. The children’s attention was captured for the entire length of the Upward presentation. The Gospel was very captivating for the kids. I recommend l Kids Ministry to any Upward Outreach program.

Chuck Meeks – Director of Upward at Mineral Baptist Church

You guys did a great job. I got a lot of positive feedback from my employees. The show was very entertaining and kept my staff involved. Thanks for a great and memorable company Christmas party.

Dianne M. Monforte- Black Box Network Services

Earl and Kimberly! Oh my, we have been telling everyone about you two and how wonderful you are with the children and especially how Kaleb was affected by your ministry. You will forever have a part of our hearts. God was faithful to take the talents He gave you and your heart’s desire and obedience to do as He called you to and made it productive to the building of His kingdom. That’s eternal effectiveness and I am blessed to know you both. Know and recall often that God uses His children who are fully submitted to Him, to His will and to His purposes and you were a part of that. What great vessels you two are! I pray that your ministry and it’s effect on our son will be a ripple effect that will reach astronomical numbers for God’s glory! It reached our hearts in a whole new level immediately!

Tim and Amanda West – Fredericksburg Wesleyan Church – Assistant Pastor

The show was outstanding. Out of all of the entertainers that I have seen at our Upward program, Earl and Kimberly Long gave the clearest presentation of the gospel which is the most important thing. The show was great. The kids were involved, engaged, cheering, laughing and having a great time as well as the adults. We appreciate Earl and Kimberly Long’s heart.

Donnie Dehnke – Youth Pastor and assist. Director of Upward at Central Baptist Church

Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did at our church. The children loved it!! I even got positive feedback from our youth, who are not the easiest to please!! We had 44 kids come up at altar call. I would love to see your show again!

Amy Whitacre, Children’s Coordinator
Timberlake United Methodist Church Lynchburg, VA

My 8 year-old grandson came to know the Lord last night. He was so excited that he went home and told his uncle that he got saved. Thank you for what you are doing.

Grandmother in Berlin, Ohio

I was amazed at the reaction from my youth group. They really got into the fun, excitement and magic show. The whole show was entertaining and challenging to my teens. We had 9 teens receive Christ the night you were here. Now, that is what it’s all about. Thanks for presenting your ministry to our youth group.

Michael Coleman – Minister to Students
Ocean View Baptist Church – Myrtle Beach, S.C.

I would highly recommend Rev. Earl and Kimberly Long for any evangelistic endeavor involving children. I very much appreciated working with the Longs. They have a very well prepared and executed ministry for children. It contains a variety of visual stimulants to keep the children focused and attentive. They present the message of salvation in a way that is clear to children without going into too much detail that would overwhelm their young minds. They worked with our children from kindergarten through 5th grade. I felt that because of their presentation, the gospel message was made clearer to children who might not have understood it until the time that they presented it.

These two fine people have the ability through God to lead many children to Christ and it was my privilege to experience their mission work.

Nancy Mishler, Children’s Ministry Chair of Wingfield Crusade – Johnstown, PA

I don’t know what you said last night but all three of our kids came forward to receive Christ. Our two boys really needed it. Our daughter has been reading her Bible all day today. She has read through six chapters already. Thank you Pastor Earl for encouraging her. Keep up what you are doing. It is making a difference in our kids’ lives.

Mom in Flint, MI

Earl and Kimberly Long did an outstanding job weaving Scripture, the gospel message and the use of their magic, music and puppets throughout their presentations for our children’s camp this past June. I highly recommend their ministry to anyone seeking a great camp ministry to children. They desire to serve and reach young people for Jesus Christ. The ten children I brought from my own church really enjoyed their ministry and took home a clear presentation of the Bible saving message of Jesus Christ. They were well rounded and had much variety on a level kids could understand.

Rev. Jerry Ernst – Kidz Kamp Director
West Virginia/Shenandoah District of The Wesleyan Church

I loved coming out each night to help with the Crusade. Every night it felt like I was coming to a children’s worker conference. I got great ideas each time to use in our children’s program at our church

Children’s Pastor – Central Christian Church – Bristol, TN

Recently our congregation had a youth outreach event for our community that we called “Kid’s Day”. We invited Earl and Kimberly to come and be a part of our event. Earl and his wife put on a fun, interactive, Christ centered learning experience through magic, comedy, puppets and music that the kid’s are still talking about. They ministered to our few kids with the love and enthusiasm of ministering to a thousand of their own. I highly endorse their ministry because I have seen their hearts. I assure you that your children will enjoy and remember what they learn through Vertical Kids Ministry.

Jamey Roberts – Youth Pastor
Way of the Cross Church in Gray, TN

The following is from a mom of one of the kids that came forward to receive Christ.
Jeremy was one of 37 kids who asked Jesus to be their savior that week.

Dear Earl and Kimberly,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate you and the work you are doing for the Lord. You have done a wonderful job this week teaching the children about Jesus and His plan of salvation.

One of those lives that was touched is our nine year old son, Jeremy!!! One of my prayers in remembering the Kid’s Crusade was that Jeremy’s heart would be touched and that he would know Jesus in a personal and special way. Praise God that has happened through your ministry!

Thursday evening Jeremy was telling me he learned about Adam and Eve and sin the night before at the Crusade. He also went on to say that we sin and that we need to ask Jesus into our hearts. He was very excited about the idea that God writes our name in a book in Heaven when we come to Him and pray. He wondered if he had ever done that before. I told him no and he said he wanted to go up front and do that the next night. He wanted to pray that prayer with you. On the way home that evening he made the comment that he felt so happy inside because he had given his heart to Jesus! What a joy for us as parents to know he has taken that step in his life!

Love and prayers – Julia, Friendsville Maryland

Thank you for a wonderful 3-day J.A.M. FEST! We had a total of 698 in attendance during the 3 days and 48 children asking Jesus into their heart for the very first time. WOW! That is a success! You both did an awesome job of getting the children’s attention thru illusions and games and then bringing them the Word of God. Thank you Earl and Kimberly for using your talents for the Lord. Your love for God and children shines through your ministry. I highly recommend Vertical Kids Ministry!

Deborah Jones – Children’s Director, River of Light, Warner Robins, GA

You guys are great. Our VBS went so well this year that I told our children’s director to book you now for next year.

Pastor at Kedron Baptist Church – Gladys, VA

On behalf of Reynolds Memorial United Methodist Church, I would like to thank Earl and Kimberly for their direct faith in God. Earl and Kimberly came to Reynolds Memorial on a Sunday night that was difficult for them. They were both sick and probably didn’t feel like being there. They kept to their word, came to the church and lead a wonderful youth and children’s service. That night, we as a church had 3 responses from students that were recommitting their lives to God.

Their message was very creative in the fact that they used scripture to center around their total act for the evening. I know personally that Earl and Kimberly live by faith and long to see the passion that is from Christ spread through out the Tri Cities.

It was an honor to have Earl & Kimberly Long to minister at Reynolds Memorial.

Matt Cumbow – Minister of Children & Youth – Reynolds Memorial UMC – Bristol, VA

Thank you for your excellent show and willing spirit. Our kids and families loved your style and tricks. The gospel was presented very clearly. God was working! My son said to me the next day how much he liked the show. His praise meant a lot to me. For an eight-year-old boy to love the tricks and your message and want to see you again is invaluable.

Tom Bier – Pastor – The Journey Church – Johnson City, TN

I received your DVD promo from a friend who got it from another friend. I fell in love with your ministry by watching you. I am so glad our church got you in for our Easter Egg Hunt outreach.

June Gouch – Marvin’s Chapel UMC – Sulpher Springs, TN

Thank you so much for your gift of time with the only program of its kind in our community and in the communities around us. Your relationship with Straight Street draws teenagers into an environment that is healthy, safe, loving and wholesome for all who choose to enter the center. In giving to them this may be the only experience that might lead them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. We are truly grateful that God has blessed us with such a “gift” like you. We are ever thankful for your commitment as you serve the Lord here at Straight Street Laurens Inc.

Wayne French – Director of Straight Street Teen Center – Laurens, SC

All of the kids at the birthday party were real hyper and non-stop, however you grabbed their attention and they sat intrigued through the whole show. That amazed me.

Angie Kirby

The kids all loved you at the birthday party. You did a great job. My five year old woke up in the middle of the night laughing and said he had dreamed about something funny you did in your act.

Jennifer Patterson

Kimberly and Earl Long came in and set up all by themselves. They interacted with the kids, brought them up on stage, they had a great time and it was a very easy party.

Tracy – mother of 6 year old Lacey

The birthday party was beautifully done by Earl and Kimberly Long. The facial expressions on the kids said it all. The kids were into it and were very interactive.

LG – Father of the birthday girl

I am writing to thank you for your willingness to come to our bookstore to assist with our Kids Day Celebration a few weeks ago. I know that we did not give you much notice, but you were more than willing to fit us into your schedule and then drive four hours to help us have a successful event.

I am not a very creative person so I seek out those who have the talent and resources that I lack, that together we can answer the call to reach the lost for Christ as well as encourage the saints as they attempt to fulfill their call from God. It is good to know that one of the resources that I have to call on is Vertical Kids Ministry, especially when the need is to entertain and challenge children. I know that this is where your heart is and it shows in your ministry to children of all ages.

The thing that I appreciate is that you come prepared, with everything you need, and I can just turn the kid’s ministry over to you and walk away knowing it will be done the right way. You know how to catch the children’s attention, entertain them for a while and then present the Gospel to them in a way that they understand.

Another benefit to having the two of you come is that you provide a variety of ministry including Puppets, Christian Magic and Illusions, and Balloon Sculptures. The way you get the children in the audience involved helps to keep their attention while reaching a wide range of ages.

I certainly intend to call on you in the future and would recommend your ministry to others. May God continue to bless you as you follow after Him with all you heart!

Jim Whitaker – President- New Life Christian Stores – Lynchburg, Virginia

Hi, I was at Mountain View Baptist church last night and saw you perform. I wanted to say thank you for the joy you put in my little girl’s heart. All she did was talk about what a great time she had. Best of all she was one of the little ones who got saved last night. I am very thankful of you for showing and teaching her about Jesus. She is very proud to have been saved. She is 5 years old. Again I just wanted to say thank you for showing her the way to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jerry Clemons, Tina Lowe

I had a great time during Family Camp at Table Rock Wesleyan Camp! My grandsons couldn’t stop talking about all the things they learned. Both of them have been practicing their magic tricks. Most of all, Earl I appreciate the lessons that you brought each night on how to become a Christian and live the Christian life. You inspired me and my grandchildren and you are now on my prayer list. Keep growing in Christ and doing his work.

Rita Belcher – Helper during Family Camp

The VKM program was a WONDERFUL addition to our 100 Year Homecoming Celebration! I enjoyed watching the kids faces light up with amazement with each presentation. Thank you for allowing so many kids to be involved in your show. My heart was so full as little Isaac Cook came to know the Lord on this special day. It is with confidence that I recommend your program to the young and “young at heart” like myself. The smile on my face was only a reflection of the many smiles on the children’s faces. I was so pleased how you keep their attention for the entire show. How amazing! Any group small or large would benefit from your ministry. May the Lord bless you and continue to allow you to spread the gospel through such unique ways.

Joy L. Bryant – Executive Director Alumni and Constituent Relations – Southern Wesleyan University

I want to thank you so much for the way you minister to not only the children but also to the adult volunteers. I really enjoyed every evening when you had fun with the children. Most of all I liked the way you brought the plan of salvation to them in a plain and simple way. May the Lord really bless you both. You two did a wonderful job.

Dorothy Yoder – Volunteer at The Wisp Crusade – Mc Henry, MD

Two years ago you came to our church. When you gave the gospel invitation my then 6 year old twins went forward. I thought at first they may have thought they were volunteering for a magic trick. But since that day, I realize that they made a real commitment to accept Christ and they have been growing ever since. My kids’ salvation started with the message you brought during your show. Thank you very much!

Debbie – New Journey Fellowship – Kingsport, TN

Pastor Earl and Kimberly are excellent professionals and their entertainment was beyond expectations. They have a heart for God and a passion for children. I loved that they shared the gospel every night of the crusade. They will be a blessing to your church and kid’s outreach.

Mark Dubbeld – Worship and Music Pastor – Parkway House of Prayer Roanoke, VA

I highly recommend Earl and Kimberly for your children’s programming needs. They are excellent at engaging young people in the gospel. We have used them for 3 years straight at our Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp.

Tim Hill – FCA Area Director, Central & SW VA

It was so much fun having you at Grace Bible Camp. The kids in my cabin loved the messages and the magic tricks. They all had a blast, and I had fun too. Thanks for coming, dude!

Travis Wells – Kid’s Camp Counselor

Pastor Earl,

Thanks for coming to Grace Bible Camp. As a counselor, I learned so much from you. It was refreshing to hear a children’s evangelist use more up to date technology and methods that kept the kids attention. You guys teach so well and are very good at using magic, puppets, balloon twisting, story telling and juggling to share Christ with the kids. I just love you guys.

Craig Landes – Kid’s Camp Counselor

Thank you for such a wonderful program you provided for our children while we celebrated the Dedication of our new building. You had to travel far and accommodate to our scheduled events. Thanks for your flexibility!

Our kids are still talking about the show on Sunday, they had such a great time. Our church is praising God for the 29 kids who received Christ, and for the seeds planted among the other 100. Your show is entertaining, with a great message of hope and salvation.

You have blessed us immensely, may God continue to use you two to glorify and honor Him in such a creative way! We look forward to having you here again.

Carrie Miller – Director of Children’s Ministry – Cross View Covenant Church – N. Mankato, MN

Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry did a fantastic job with their Upward Presentation. I recommend them to anyone interested in booking them for a church function, camp function or an Upward Presentation. They have a great testimony.

The show was received so well by the kids, the parents, the families, the church family and being an adult it was so entertaining to us as well.
The gospel that they shared is not just something they said but something they live.

Amanda Dehnke – Volunteer with Upward

We loved having Earl Long come and present his Winter Wonder Reading show with magic and puppets. He encouraged us all to read by keeping the audience engaged the whole time. He had something for the kindergartner all the way to the fifth grader. It was a wonderful time being excited about reading. Thanks Earl. We will surly have you back!

Ruth Ann McCarthy – Paul Munro Elementary Librarian

Wow! Our students just participated and enjoyed an amazing anti-bully assembly called BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed by Earl Long. The students left with many excellent anti-bullying strategies. This is a fantastic program and I highly recommend it to raise bully awareness in your school.

Mrs. Diane Swain – Principal – Sheffield Elementary School – Lynchburg, VA 

Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry put on one of the best programs I have ever seen in all the years I have been in ministry. Kids had a great time and fun but the most important part is that we saw many receive Christ. We saw many kids from the community attend the church for the first time and many of them made a decision for Christ. I highly recommend you bring in Vertical Kids Ministry.

Rev. Rick Williams – CrossLife Church – Portsmouth, Va

Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry did a great job for our kid’s camp at our church. Your church would appreciate their spirit as well as their humility and their fun loving kind of attitude. I appreciated their Bible Stories. They were simple but very clear in the Gospel. What I appreciated the most was the way Earl gave the invitation to the kids. It was very clear, specific and targeted to those who have never made a first time commitment to Christ. Over the two days, we had 132 kids make a decision to follow the Lord. I encourage you to have them at your church. They will do a great job for you.

Rev. Keith Hinton – Senior Pastor
Trinity Wesleyan Church – Jackson, Michigan

We had Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry this week for our VBS. They did an excellent job. We saw youth and kids receive Christ. We had a wonderful time in Jesus. They are an awesome kid’s ministry and I recommend them highly.

Rev. Todd Gandy – Midway Baptist Church – South Carolina

“The Kid’s absolutely loved Earl and Kimberly Long of Vertical Kids Ministry. They are fun, engaging, exciting, kids are entertained but most important is they teach the kids about Jesus. We had 50 kids come forward to receive Jesus Christ as their savior this week!”

Sharon Hunt – Family Director of the Pittsburgh Nazarene District Family Camp

Earl and Kimberly did a wonderful job sharing Christ tonight. We had 32 kids that received Christ. It was a smashing success. I can’t wait to have them back.

Donovan Haynes – Awana Commander at Franklin Heights Baptist Church – Rocky Mount, VA